My Wild and Crazy Scandal Theories


With two episodes left in the season, I thought I would take the time now to post my wild and crazy Scandal theories. First let me say that I find the show much more enjoyable if I have no idea what is going to happen so I don’t read spoilers or watch previews other than the ones that are shown at the end of the show. 5. We have not seen the last of Edison Whenever I mention this theory to my Scandal buds, they scream, “NO! NO!” This always makes me laugh.  I get why they didn’t like the character but I did and felt the character served a useful purpose. I think that in the year since Olivia showed him the door, Edison has found himself another political wife candidate to wear his grandma’s ring and will be back to be Fitz’s presidential opponent.  Like most everyone else, I’ve been off target with most of my Scandal speculations but one of the few I got right—almost to a “T” was the character of Edison.  When the first season ended last spring, I told my Scandal buddies that Olivia would have another love interest in the fall who would be African-American and the Senate Majority leader—setting him up both as a political and romantic rival for Fitz.  The romantic part has played out but not quite the political one.  With his knowledge of Liv and how she operates, the election should be a killer one.  And lets not forget that he strongly suspects that forged Mellie Fitz’s letter requesting reinstatement.  Yeah, it could be a heck of an election. 4. David Wants Payback I think that David wants payback on Olivia—deservedly so I would say.  Nothing on screen hints at it but I’m sorry, this is Scandal we are talking about and I can’t see any character—even white hat wearing David being ok with what Olivia, Abby and the gladiators did to him.  He had an extremely successful career in front of him and they deliberately destroyed it.  Yeah, he wants payback in my book so my money is on doing something to make them pay.  I would actually want the same thing in his shoes. 3. The mole and Charlie’s employer are not the same person. The mole and Charlie’s other employer are not the same person although it is possible they are working together.  I think that Billy is still alive and he’s Charlie’s partner in crime. Billy probably still wants to prove that Fitz is not worthy of being president.  And Charlie who was given a hint of Defiance by Cyrus probably passed the info on to Billy and now they are working together.  Charlie because to him it is a power trip.  He wants to bring down a presidency.  And Billy wants revenge not just on Fitz, Olivia and Cyrus but also on Sally who sold him out to dry.  Don’t forget, if Fitz wasn’t legally elected then neither was Sally so he can get payback on all his enemies in one fell swoop. 2. The mole is from the Secret Service. They would certainly know the secret locations that POTUS would be taken to in times of crisis. Also being part of the Presidential detail means that they probably often overhear confidential information.More importantly, they are the ones who review and erase those tapes every morning which means they see and hear a lot of top-secret info. Now if this were any other show but Scandal, I would say that the mole would be blabbermouth Hal. However, this is Scandal and since the fans love Tom, it will probably be him. 1. Jake is Fitz’s half brother. I’ve thought this could be possible from the time he showed up and so obviously had Fitz’s trust.Yeah, their bond could be from their Navy days but I’m not sure that is the case especially since Fitz was probably leaving the service around when Jake was entering. We know from Fitz’s comments that big Jerry was a philanderer. He also at one point mentioned to Olivia how as a kid he sat outside his dad’s office waiting for him while he was having sex with his secretary and I’ve wondered if Jake could be a product of that relationship. It would certainly put a new spin on why Olivia found herself instantly attracted to Jake. He may have subconsciously reminded her of Fitz. Which if true, Jake may suspect is also the case and be part of the reason he wants to know how deep she is in it with Fitz. And now that I’ve listed all of my speculations, I’ll be ready for a laugh when the next two episodes air and they all turn out to be wrong but like I said, it’s fun theorizing about this show. I’ve also wondered if Joe Morton’s character might be Olivia’s dad but the more I think about it, the more I think that is too obvious for Scandal. However, I think that he is on the show to be more than just Jake, Charlie and Huck’s boss but I haven’t come up with a working theory yet…LOL! So what does everyone think of my theories? Do you see any of them happening or will I have egg on my face next Thursday night?

Scandal Minds Want to know

imageWell at least this Scandal Mind!  Oh, I have the obvious questions like all other Scandal fans…”Who is behind the shooting of Fitz? Was Olivia in on the voter tampering from the beginning?; How will Fitz shut Sally down and save Mellie’s butt?; Did he hear the conspirators three discussing the voter fraud while laying in his coma bed? Etc, Etc!

However, I’ve been pondering a few others that on the surface don’t seem that important but which I think could turn out to be germane to the story in the long run.  First up, what did Mellie do that makes her want Fitz’s forgiveness so much and why can’t he truly give it to her?

imageCould it have something to do with her expert forgery of his name on that letter of reinstatement and her comment that she did it a ton of times before when he was Governor of California?  It would certainly have been as illegal then, as it is now so why was she forging his signature back then.

Second, are Olivia and Huck related?  They obviously have a very close relationship and are dedicated to each other but where does that come from.

image I never thought of them as possibly being related until the comment from Huck to Olivia asking her not to “tell him who to love since he doesn’t tell her.” That sounds more like a comment one family member would to another than an associate or even a close friend.

And finally, what does it mean that the redhead woman from season one is back?  I re-watched a couple of last years episodes over the holidays to see if I missed anything about the conspiracy and while watching the episode that flashed back to when Olivia and Fitz first met on the campaign trail, I noticed something.


The campaign worker who suggested to Fitz that they address issues more to the right of the political spectrum is the same White House employee who tried to give Olivia instructions about Mellie’s closet and who also asked her if she was back to work after Fitz was shot.


Since nothing that occurs on this show is ever random, I’m wondering what part the redhead will end up playing in the story.

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