Adventures in cooking

yl image One of the things I never seem to have the time to do is cooking.  Our mom is a great cook!  She is one of those people who can throw anything in a pot and have it come out smelling and tasting like the most delicious thing ever. My big sister Judy takes after our mom but cooking was never my favorite thing to do.  Oh, I’ve never poisoned anyone and I can do a bit more than boil water but because of my schedule, I never have the time to experiment with the sumptuous dishes my mom makes or that I see on TV.   This year, I’ve promised myself that things will be different and that I will find the time to try my hand at some of those wonderful recipes I see on The Food Network and have decided to start with something simple so the first dish up is "Sweet and Sour Chicken." I’ll let you know how it goes.  Wish me luck!