Prom Night: They Grow Up So Fast

Rachad on Prom Night

My nephew Rachad on his way to pick up his date for prom. Doesn’t he look handsome and dashing? It seems just like yesterday that I dropped him off for pre-K.  Oh, his  early days in school were trying.  He cried and cried almost every day for the first couple of weeks.  In fact, he tried to climb out the window to get out of class once.  I can still remember the principal’s words when she called me at work.  "Ms. Mapp, this just won’t do.  We can’t have our kids trying to climb out the window.  If Rachad does not settle down, we won’t be able to allow him to stay."  I smile about that memory now but at the time it was so stressful. Thankfully he settled down after another week or so and the rest is history.  Now he is graduating from high school and will be off to college in a few months. Those Pre-K days seem like just yesterday but it was almost 14 years ago.  I’m obviously older but I certainly don’t feel it which is a good thing when you have to deal with kids. George Burns was definitely right, “you’re only as old as you feel."