Flea Markets: Weekend Bargain Hunting

Image credit: ilyashapovalov / 123RF Stock Photo

If you are looking for a good bargain, there's nothing more pleasurable than spending part of the weekend wandering through the nearest farmers market, craft fair or flea market.  You can buy fresh fruits and vegetables, support local artists and if you are really, really lucky, you could be the one to discover a true treasure that's worth a few thousand dollars or that actually belongs in a museum!  I guess such finds is the dream of most flea market hunters.

Sandra and I love to visit flea markets. We have been lucky enough to find some wonderful chandeliers, a couple of arm chairs for our living room, some paintings and more.  We've never made that great discovery but we love the treasures we've found over the years.

Image credit: oralleff / 123RF Stock Photo

If you love a good bargain and you're  looking for something to do this weekend, stop by your local flea market.  We've found links to some of the best from across the country  just for you.

Happy Hunting!

Brooklyn Flea, NYC and Pennsylvania



Pike Place Market, Seattle Washington

Written by Jennifer