Refreshing Summer Cocktails and Beverage Recipes

Here are five delicious summer cocktail and beverage recipes that are great for entertaining or simply to enjoy after a long day of work.  The stacked beverage server from Horchow is also the perfect container for dispensing your refreshments of choice.

Tabernacle Crush from Food & Wine


Mango Sangria from
Bobby Flay’s Coconut Ice Tea
Rye and Pomegranate Punch from Bon Appetit
Stacked Optic Glass Beverage Server from Horchow

Happy Thanksgiving

Image credit: <a href="">photopiano / 123RF Stock Photo</a>
A safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving to all as you celebrate with friends and family before you tackle the malls.  And remember to drive carefully.

9 Enticing Candle Scents For Summer

Scented candles are traditionally associated with the fall and winter seasons but they are great all year round.  In fact, some of the most enticing aromas are found during the summer months.  From scents like sun-kissed kiwi mango to a lush rose garden , these candles will fill your home with the inviting bouquets of paradise.  Here are 9 of our favorite summer scents from JenSan
Citron Splash Soy Candle with essential oilsHawaiian Breeze Pillar CandleCoconut Creme Soy Candle
Cucumber Cantaloupe Pillar CandleCucumber Cantaloupe Kiwi Mango
Mandarin Grapefruit Soy CandleLuscious Pomegranate Pillar CandleParadise Soy Candle

Rustic Home

Rustic Home

Brown floor lamp

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Foreside frame

Buccellati fireplace accessory

Crystal vase

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Flea Markets: Weekend Bargain Hunting

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If you are looking for a good bargain, there's nothing more pleasurable than spending part of the weekend wandering through the nearest farmers market, craft fair or flea market.  You can buy fresh fruits and vegetables, support local artists and if you are really, really lucky, you could be the one to discover a true treasure that's worth a few thousand dollars or that actually belongs in a museum!  I guess such finds is the dream of most flea market hunters.

Sandra and I love to visit flea markets. We have been lucky enough to find some wonderful chandeliers, a couple of arm chairs for our living room, some paintings and more.  We've never made that great discovery but we love the treasures we've found over the years.

Image credit: oralleff / 123RF Stock Photo

If you love a good bargain and you're  looking for something to do this weekend, stop by your local flea market.  We've found links to some of the best from across the country  just for you.

Happy Hunting!

Brooklyn Flea, NYC and Pennsylvania



Pike Place Market, Seattle Washington

Written by Jennifer

Recipe Thursday: Tempting Fall Desserts

As the big entertaining season approaches, I've been on the hunt for new dessert recipes to test out. Yes, we will have mom's traditional favorites at our holiday table but both she and I like to try something new each year.  Actually, I'll be truthful and admit that I'm on the hunt for new recipes for mom.  Even though she doesn't do it as much as she did in the past, at 83 she is still a great cook and come the holidays, the kitchen belongs to her.

Our mom Marjorie

She plans the menu and cooks almost everything herself.  Jennifer and I just help as needed. We know that we should be the ones doing all the hard work while mom rests.  However, cooking for the family has always been one of mom's greatest joys and so as long as she can still handle doing the work, we let her have at it.  She would be hurt if we told her that we were taking over and we are so happy to still have her with us that we would never take the joy away from her. We are happy to just handle the clean up. So in my hunt for some new deserts to try this year, here are some yummy delights that I've discovered

Pumpkin Cheese Cake from Martha Stewart

Bourbon Pumpkin Pie with Pecan Streusel from Food & Wine

Harvest Mousse with Spiced Almond Tuiles from Food & Wine

Apple Cranberry Pie from Whole Living

Spiced Blackberry, Quince and Apple Pavlova from Cooking Channel

Granny Smith Cobbler with White Cheddar Biscuits from BHG Written by Sandra

Fall Home Preview from Etsy

Fall Wooden Stacker by Fayes Attic Fall Wooden Stacker by Fayes Attic


Autumn, my favorite season of the year is fast approaching.   Jennifer hopes it will take a bit longer to come because she loves summer but it can't get here fast enough for me.  I love the sights, the smells, the colors and of course the fashions. As I was driving home last night, I realized that the trees had a yellow hue and are already slowly changing.  There is a street in our neighborhood where the trees overhang and walking or driving down it is like being in the south.  It looks truly beautiful in the fall with the many variations of color in the leaves. We lost a few during Hurricane Sandy last year but there are still enough for a beautiful photo which I will take and share with you when the leaves have fully turned. Over the next few weeks, Jennifer and I look forward to sharing some of our fall finds with you.  Today we start off with finds for the home.

Set of Four Bud Vases by Lynettes Art

Set of Four Bud Vases by Lynettes Art

Another thing I like about the fall are the beautiful decorations and the many opportunities to entertain such as harvest time, Halloween and Thanksgiving—just to name a few.  Shopping for seasonal decorations and entertaining accessories for these special occasions can be very time consuming.  One of the best online places to shop for the items on your list is Etsy.   You can find almost everything you will need on the site and best of all, the items are mostly all handmade by the artisans so you know that there is wonderful attention to detail paid to the creation of each item. I peruse the site and found a few items to inspire you in your search and you can find many more here

Wooden Nesting Bowls by Wind and Willow Home

Pumpkin Jack and Friend by JD Conwell

Autumn Pumpkin Gourds Photo by Shadetree Photography

Natural Woodland Wreath by Forevermore1

Autumn Napkin Rings by Lolly’s Cubby Hole
Set of 2 Color Block Pillows by Home Inc

The Mermaid’s Grotto

Sheila Bridges is one of my favorite interior designers so I really enjoyed reading this feature on her in the New York Times. The designer Sheila Bridges in the Harlem apartment that has become her calling card.

Entertaining Ideas: Delicious Quick and Easy Salads for Those Hot Summer Days

Here are 4 quick and easy summer salad recipes that are anything but ordinary.  These light and refreshing recipes are sure to be enjoyed by your guests at your next picnic or barbecue.


THAI CRAB SALAD by Daniel Boulud on Elle Decor

Served with crisp slices of cucumber, ripe mangoes, and papaya, the kicky salad can be premade and presented on individual plates or arranged buffet style so guests can create their own.  Click here for recipe.



Summer-ripe sweet corn blends with fragrant basil and the zip of jalapeno in this mouthwatering summer salad recipe.


CUCUMBER AND RADISH SALAD by Michael Lindley - from Bon Appetit

Cool and refreshing cucumbers are the perfect ingredient for a summer salad. They stay fresh for a long period of time and so work wonderfully in picnic salads.  Click here for recipe.

AVOCADO FRUIT SALAD from Southern Living

This fresh summer salad combines avocado, fruit and mint.  Click here for recipe.