Using Ceramics to Accent Your Home Decor

Image credit: laures / 123RF Stock PhotoPottery is one of the world's oldest art forms having been around since the time of the cave man.  In fact,  you can tell the history of the world through pottery as many artisans throughout time— including the ancient Egyptians, Romans, Mayans, and other civilizations recorded the life of their times in ceramics and clay.  They also used ceramics in their home decor just as we do today.

Ceramic pieces such as canisters, mugs and plates are not just great for drinking your tea or coffee and storing your pasta and sugar.  When displayed, they also make wonderful accents to your decor.

Welcome your guests with a beautiful vase filled with flowers in the foyer; Display a beautiful clay plate on your mantel and make it a focal point in the room’s decor; Use a canister set to hold various food items and display them on your kitchen counter top; Hang a set of colorful mugs on a mug tree and use them to accent your kitchen decor.  These are just a few ways to use ceramics to add interest and color to a room.

You can go to chain stores like Target and Walmart and buy assembly line manufactured pieces for your home and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.  Jennifer and I, like many others, have such pieces in our home and they look lovely on display.  We also have some beautifully crafted handmade pieces that we have picked up over the years.  The love and skill of the artisans who created the pieces makes them extra special.

I've selected nine fabulous pieces below for you to preview but you can find many more on Etsy, the place for all things handmade.




          little-jar-in-white-with-rosee-and-leaves  raku-sacred-geometry-handmade-ceramic-pottery.jpg





Credits from top to bottom:

Woman at pottery wheel: Image credit: laures / 123RF Stock Photo

Four artistic ceramic soup mugs with handles by Blue Sky Pottery Company

2 Cup Tea Pot – Rich Buttery Turquoise glaze by DanSaultman

Dark Honey Glaze Flower Vase by Darshan Pottery

Little ceramic jar in white with rose and pink dots by Lofficina

Raku Sacred Geometry Handmade Ceramic Pottery by DeBaun Fine Ceramics

Malmsey Mambo ceramic bowl by LusterWear

Ceramic Bowl with Bunny Painting by Pottery Lodge

Statement Mosaic Belt Buckle – 3″ Round Clay Tile, Pearl Mosaic and Leather Belt by Romy and Clare

Pair of Handmade Nesting Serving Bowls by Sawyer Ceramics


Fall Home Preview from Etsy

Fall Wooden Stacker by Fayes Attic Fall Wooden Stacker by Fayes Attic


Autumn, my favorite season of the year is fast approaching.   Jennifer hopes it will take a bit longer to come because she loves summer but it can't get here fast enough for me.  I love the sights, the smells, the colors and of course the fashions. As I was driving home last night, I realized that the trees had a yellow hue and are already slowly changing.  There is a street in our neighborhood where the trees overhang and walking or driving down it is like being in the south.  It looks truly beautiful in the fall with the many variations of color in the leaves. We lost a few during Hurricane Sandy last year but there are still enough for a beautiful photo which I will take and share with you when the leaves have fully turned. Over the next few weeks, Jennifer and I look forward to sharing some of our fall finds with you.  Today we start off with finds for the home.

Set of Four Bud Vases by Lynettes Art

Set of Four Bud Vases by Lynettes Art

Another thing I like about the fall are the beautiful decorations and the many opportunities to entertain such as harvest time, Halloween and Thanksgiving—just to name a few.  Shopping for seasonal decorations and entertaining accessories for these special occasions can be very time consuming.  One of the best online places to shop for the items on your list is Etsy.   You can find almost everything you will need on the site and best of all, the items are mostly all handmade by the artisans so you know that there is wonderful attention to detail paid to the creation of each item. I peruse the site and found a few items to inspire you in your search and you can find many more here

Wooden Nesting Bowls by Wind and Willow Home

Pumpkin Jack and Friend by JD Conwell

Autumn Pumpkin Gourds Photo by Shadetree Photography

Natural Woodland Wreath by Forevermore1

Autumn Napkin Rings by Lolly’s Cubby Hole
Set of 2 Color Block Pillows by Home Inc