Spice it up with a little Midnight Magic

Earthy mysterious tones of sandalwood and musk are blended with the restorative scent of lavender and other floral notes to produce this amazing candle.

Midnight Magic Pillar Candle by JenSan Home And Body

A little tropical aroma for those cold winter evenings

Relax with a good book as you enjoy the enticing tropical aroma of our Luscious Pomegranate pillar candle.  

New Duotone Scented Pillar Candles

We launched several new duotone and duo scented pillar candles for the holidays.  Filled with wonderful aromatic scents, our 2-in-one pillar candles make a wonderful decorative statement.

Instead of blending two scents together into a single color pillar, we separated the two complementary fragrances by color and layers. As the top layer scent burns away,  the second inviting aroma of the bottom layer greets you.