One of the reasons that led to Jennifer and I to starting JenSan was our love of scented candles.  We both purchased so many of them on a regular basis that Jennifer decided to try her hand at making her own.  She was very successful and after great positive response from family and friends, we decided to launch JenSan Candles.


Over the years Jennifer has created some fabulously scented candles that I love to burn year round but I’m especially fond of them during the fall season.  They add a warm and cozy feeling to any room and fill the home with wonderful scents like apples, oranges, pumpkin, cinnamon and other spices.  If you plan on burning candles while entertaining, it's a good idea to light them at least an hour before your guests arrive. This allows the fragrance time to scent the entire room.  Layering candle fragrances  together is a wonderful way to create unique scents. 

 JenSan Hawaiian Breeze Duotone Pillar Candle

JenSan’s Duotone pillar candles does just that.  We combined complementary fragrances like the ones in our Harvest Spice/French Vanilla  pillar to create an enticing seasonal candle.  The golden brown top layer is a spicy blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and other spicy fragrances while the complementary bottom is the tantalizing scent of traditional French Vanilla with its rich buttery notes.  The duotone colors also make a beautiful decorative statement when displayed.

JenSan Lavender Rosemary Soy CandleAromatherapy Candles

Candles are also a wonderful stress reducer.  Who can resist relaxing in a hot bath after a long hectic day, or curling up with a good book while an aromatherapy candle burns in the background?  Aromatherapy candles are made from all natural wax and scented with pure essential oils.  There are many candles marketed as aromatherapy candles that use fragrance so when shopping, you should check the ingredients label for this information before buying your candle.  If the ingredients label states that the candle is made from paraffin wax and contains fragrance oils and other synthetic ingredients, it's not considered an aromatherapy candle. Because of the use of natural waxes and pure essential oils, aromatherapy candles are generally more expensive than their fragrance oil counterparts.  Don't get me wrong, fragrance oils also make wonderful scented candles.  In fact, one of the benefits of fragrance oils are the large variety of scents available.  Many popular fruit and spice scents are not available as essential oils and so fragrance oils are a more affordable substitute.

JenSan Cinnamon Apple Travel Tin Soy Candle


At JenSan Home and Body, we offer both types of candles to meet the needs of our customers.  Our fragrance oil candles are available in glass containers, travel tins and as free standing pillars.   And our Eco Soy collection of essential oil candles are available in small and large frosted glass containers.  Soy is a soft wax and as a result is not suitable for pillars candles.

Candle Care

Always follow the warning label on your candle for safety reasons and also to extend its life.  Burn your candle on a stable heat resistant surface. Keep away from drafts and flammable materials. Trim the wick on pillar candles approximately 1/4 to 3/8; and 3/8 to 1/2 inch on container candles each time they are lit. Do not burn candle when wax is less than 1/2” from bottom. If you think that your candle flame is too high, blow candle out and trim wick to a lower height. Do not touch or move candle while burning or if it is hot. Never leave a burning candle unattended and always keep out of the reach of children and pets.

JenSan Harvest Spice Pillar Candle


Place pillar candles on an appropriate candle holder before lighting. Never place it directly on furniture surface. If the wax of a burning pillar candle reaches the edge, blow out flame, fold edges inward and allow wax to harden before relighting again. Be careful not to push the sides in too far or they may melt so fast that the flame is extinguished.  Following these recommendations will help prevent dripping of your pillar candles and protect your furniture.

Why do candle burn times vary?

The burn time of candles varies depending on size, the wick (some wicks burn faster than others) and more importantly, the air that filters through a room. Even with all the windows and doors of your home closed, there is always a flow of air throughout the rooms. And since the air current varies from room to room, the burn time of your candle can vary for this reason. The stronger the air current, the shorter the life span of your candle. So you can have two candles of the same size that have different life spans. For instance, you can burn candle (A) in your bedroom and it could last for about 60 hours in burn time. You can then burn the exact same candle (B) in the living room and have it only last for about 50 hours. The difference maybe because there is more foot traffic in and out of the living room or that it’s closer to the front door that opens on a regular basis and brings in a stronger air current into the living room. Soy wax has a lower melting point than paraffin and other waxes and as a result will burn slower which results in a longer life of your candle. All this you should keep in mind when considering the burn time of your candle.

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