Are you a compulsive shopper and have you ever wondered why you can't seem to stop buying things?  Well, according to and article in the Huffington Post, researchers may have the answer.

More things mean more happiness. At least, that's the thought process behind compulsive shopping, according to a new study.

Researchers from San Francisco State University found that shopaholics engage in out-of-control spending habits because they think the purchases will improve their moods -- and this is only driven by poor credit-management skills.

"Compulsive shoppers tend to be people who bury their head in the sand and ignore the credit card bill," study researcher Ryan Howell, an associate professor of psychology at the university, said in a statement "We also found that these individuals keep on buying because they are looking for that 'buy high,' hoping their purchases will lift their mood and transform them as a person."

Read more about the study at The Huffington Post


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