Brigantine Soy Candle - Behind the Name

Brigantine Soy Candle - Behind the Name

Candles are often named after the fragrance notes used in the product. Some of our candles are aptly named in this manner. However, when deciding on the names for the new soy candles for men from our Mawuli Men’s Collection, we knew that in addition to capturing and symbolizing the fragrances, we also wanted names that conveyed  strength, an adventurous spirit, and a love of new experiences.

Moisturize Your Winter Skin

JenSan Patchouli Anise Body Butter





Perfect for winter skin, our body butters are made with certified organic shea butter and the organic oils of jojoba and coconut. 

7 Surprising Health Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

7 Surprising Health Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil has been used forever for its beautiful scent as well as for its healing properties. Like with most herbaceous plants, old wives’ tales have circulated for centuries, and though there often is a grain of truth in these tales, science is finally catching up. Surprisingly, lavender actually can be beneficial to your health in its essential oil form.
July 07, 2015

Caring for Your Scented Candle and Understanding Burn Times

JenSan Harvest Spice Soy CandleProperly caring for your scented candle is key to extending its life span.  The burn time of candles varies depending on size, the wick (some wicks burn faster than others) and more importantly, the air that filters through a room. Even with all the windows and doors of your home closed, there is always a flow of air throughout the rooms. And since the air current varies from room to room, the burn time of your candle can vary for this reason. The stronger the air current, the shorter the life span of your candle. So you can have two candles of the same size that have different life spans.

For instance, you can burn pillar candle (A) in your bedroom and it could last for JenSan Sandalwood Pillar Candleabout 50 hours in burn time. You can then burn the exact same candle (B) in the living room and have it only last for about 40 hours. The difference maybe because there is more foot traffic in and out of the living room or that it’s closer to the front door that opens on a regular basis and brings in a stronger air current into the living room.  All this you should keep in mind when considering the burn time of your candle.

Natural soy wax has a lower melting point than paraffin and other waxes and as a result will burn slower which results in a longer life for your candle. Depending on the size of your candle, the use of soy wax can add 15 hours or more onto the life of your candle.
JenSan Lavender Rose Soy Candle

Trimming away the used portion of the wick prior to each use can also extend the life of your candle.  Relighting the burnt part of the wick will result in a larger flame which will melt the wax at a faster rate.  Trim the wick on pillar candles approximately 1/4 to 3/8; and 3/8 to 1/2 inch on container candles each time they are lit.

At JenSan Home and Body, we thoroughly test the burn time of all our candles under various circumstances to come up with realistic life spans.  We are not out to fool anyone into buying our candles by promoting outlandish burn times. We are very confident in our product and feel that once a customer tries our candles, they will want to repeat the experience.

February 25, 2015
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Choosing the Right Candle: Caring for Your Candle and Fragrance Oils vs Essential Oils

JenSan Duotone Decorative Pillar Candles

One of the reasons that led to Jennifer and I starting JenSan was our love of scented candles.  We both purchased so many of them on a regular basis that Jennifer decided to try her hand at making her own.  She was very successful and after great positive response from family and friends, we decided to launch JenSan Candles.

Behind the Scenes Peek at JenSan Home and Body

Left to right:  Jennifer cuts some soap loafs in preparation for curing; Palmarosa soap loaf; Gathering ingredients to to make Lavender Rose Scrub; Mixing Lavender Rose Scrub; Samples of finished scrubs.

JenSan Featured in Etsy Marketing Video

We're so excited to share the news that JenSan Home and Body has been featured in this Etsy Marketing Video!  It was filmed a while ago and dying to share the news with you and now it has officially launched and so we can.

October 31, 2014
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Beautify Your Summer Skin with a JenSan Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub

The benefits of Dead Sea Salt are well documented. It is known for its therapeutic value to the health of your skin. Salts gathered from the Dead Sea contain over 80 minerals that are essential for your skin’s health. And these minerals are present in Dead Sea Salt at over 10 times the rate of any other sea salts.  JenSan enhances the benefits of Dead Sea Salts in their scrubs with the addition of organic sweet almond, olive, soybean and macadamia nut oils. [caption id="attachment_2407" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Copyright: bds / 123RF Stock Photo Copyright: bds / 123RF Stock Photo[/caption]  Sweet almond oil is a wonderful emollient that helps restore the moisture in your skin. Olive oil helps the skin regain its natural oil balance and its antioxidant properties helps protect from harmful free radicals. Soybean oil is filled with vitamins and minerals that help to restore luster and glow to your skin, and macadamia nut oil helps the skin to retain its youthful appearance. [caption id="attachment_2262" align="aligncenter" width="300"]JenSan Citron Splash Dead Sea Salt Organic Body Scrub JenSan Citron Splash Dead Sea Salt Organic Body Scrub[/caption]   The addition of yogurt powder is another reason our body scrub is so special. High in protein and calcium, yogurt soothes, softens and rejuvenates the skin.  Combined with Vitamin E, these ingredients create a scrub that will leave your skin feeling so silky soft you won’t need much lotion after use. JenSan Home and Body Tranquility Body Scrub JenSan Home and Body Citrus Splash Body Scrub Find more organic body scrubs here.

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Forgive us as we quickly toot our horn.  We’re very exited to mention that our soaps are featured on image
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